Join COMMA Friday, 4/26, to discuss “Geocommunism” & “Marx’s Ecology

Join COMMA this Friday, April 26th, at 3pm in the Sankey Room (South Hall 2623) in our ongoing series The Dialectic Plus as we discuss the two texts below:

1) Arun Saldanha, “Geocommunism: Is There Life after Man?” (from Posthumous Life: Theorizing Beyond the Posthuman, Claire Colebrook et al, eds.)

2) Brett Clark & John Bellamy Foster’s, “Marx’s Ecology in the 21st Century”
Join us Friday, 3pm in the Sankey Room for good snacks and discussion!  

First COMMA meeting of Spring is (4/12) : Haraway & Agamben

Join COMMA in the Sankey Room (SH 2623) at 3pm on Friday, April 12th to discuss the following readings:

We will discuss two pieces from Biopolitics: A Reader :

1) Giorgio Agamben, “The Politicization of Life” (Chapter 6)

2) Donna Haraway, “The Biopolitics of Postmodern Bodies: Constitutions of Self in Immune System Discourse” (Chapter 14) 

*click here for the web hyperlink: Biopolitics: A Reader (eds. Campbell & Sitze)

COMMA meets 2/15

Second COMMA meeting of Winter quarter is Friday, 2/1

1) Simone de Beauvoir, excerpt from The Second Sex linked here
2) overview of Jean-Paul Sartre “The Philosophy of Our Time” linked here
3) Sartre’s Preface to Fanon’s Wretched of the Earth linked here
4) Final section of Critique of Dialectical Reason linked here

First COMMA meeting of Winter 2019 quarter is Friday, Jan 18th

The first COMMA meting of the Winter quarter is this FRIDAY, Jan 18th, at 3pm in the Sankey Room (South Hall 2623).
In this ongoing Dialectic Plus series we will discuss:
1) “A Dialectic Approach to Film Form” by Sergei Eisenstein linked here.

2) Ch. 1 “Separation Perfected” from Guy Debord’s Society of the Spectacle linked here.

3) “The Culture Industry” by Adorno & Horkheimer linked here.
Come Friday, 3pm for food and good discussion – all are welcome!

Fifth COMMA meeting of the Fall quarter, 11/30

At the fifth COMMA meeting of the Fall 2018 quarter, we will discuss:
Susan BuckMorss, “Hegel and Haiti” found here
C.L.R. James, Chapter 1, “The Property” from The Black Jacobins found here
Please join us
Friday, November 30th
South Hall 2623, The Sankey Room
See you Friday for the fifth discussion in The Dialectic Plus series – all are welcome,
Maurizia Boscagli, Director 
Christine Weidner, RA

Fourth COMMA meeting of the quarter, 11/16

You are invited to the Fourth Fall COMMA meeting later today:

Marx, “Theses on Feuerbach” (

Cyril Smith, “Science and Humanity: Hegel, Marx, and Dialectic” (

Yannis Varoufakis, “Marx Predicted Our Present Crisis and Points the Way Out” 

(The Guardian, 2018)

Please join us

Friday, November 16th


South Hall 2623, The Sankey Room

COMMA meeting Fri. Nov 2nd, 3pm

Third COMMA meeting of the quarter:
South Hall 2623
(Sankey Room)
We will be discussing the following pieces in our ongoing discussion series, The Dialectic Plus:
Hegel’s “Lordship & Bondage”
Alexandre Kojève’s “In Place of an Introduction”
Come for good food & discussion, all are welcome!

Second COMMA meeting of Fall Quarter, Fri., Oct. 19, 3pm

You are invited to the second COMMA meting of the Fall quarter:
Oct. 19th
Sankey Room (South Hall 2623)
In The Dialectic Plus series, our second discussion is on the first 70 pages of Frederic Jameson’s “Valences of the Dialectic.” The most important sections to note are the introductory pages along with pages 49 to 66. 
Find the link to the reading below and attached to this email – 
Come Friday, 3pm for food and good discussion – all are welcome!
Maurizia Boscagli, Director
Christine Weidner, RA

Marxism in Reverse – Reading Group

You are invited to the last COMMA reading group of Spring 2018!!
Marx and Engels, The Communist Manifesto (1848)
Yannis Varoufakis, “Marx Predicted Our Present Crisis–and Points the Way Out”
Friday June 1,
SH 2635 – note change in location
See you then!
Maurizia Boscagli, Director
Leah Norris, RA