c. 1912

Adrian Paul Allinson (1890–1959)

Painted just before World War I, this painting contains elements of calmness often found in Allinson’s landscape paintings. This is one of the few portraits that Allinson has done during his lifetime, so it’s likely that the person depicted in this painting, Ruth, had some significance in Allinson’s life. Ruth emits the sense of calmness which influenced my choice of text and the music that goes along with it.

In 1911, Adrian Paul Allinson and his fellow artists founded the Camden Town Group. The years in which the group was active became a major point in English history because the art style, although Post-Impressionist, was distinctly English in its depiction of everyday life in England. Many of the meetings were held at Walter Sickert’s studio.

Harrington Street, home to Walter Sickert in 1907 (c.1904)

Thus she resolves the times paradox
Being of time and being outside time;
No lady of this day’s so debonair.
Yet she’s as grand as Eve and Helen were.

— Louis Golding

This excerpt comes from the poem “Calm Lady” by Louis Golding.

Romance, S.169 by Franz Liszt

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