Adrian Paul Allinson (1890–1959)

From the Ancient Greek ἀμαρύσσω “to shine,” Amaryllis is a symbol of determination and outstanding beauty. After World War I, Allinson created many posters for various destinations serviced by the British Railways. Even though it is not a landscape, Amaryllis gives the audience a small glance into Allinson’s personal landscape.

Southern Railway & Great Western Railway, Cornwall by Adrian Allinson, 1946.

A flower needs to be this size
to conceal the winter window,
and this color, the red
of a Fiat with the top down,
to impress us, dull as we’ve grown.

— Connie Wanek, “Amaryllis”

Années de pèlerinage, “Première année: Suisse”, Pastorale by Franz Liszt

Tags: Mundane, Nature