Second COMMA meeting of Winter quarter is Friday, 2/1

1) Simone de Beauvoir, excerpt from The Second Sex linked here
2) overview of Jean-Paul Sartre “The Philosophy of Our Time” linked here
3) Sartre’s Preface to Fanon’s Wretched of the Earth linked here
4) Final section of Critique of Dialectical Reason linked here

First COMMA meeting of Winter 2019 quarter is Friday, Jan 18th

The first COMMA meting of the Winter quarter is this FRIDAY, Jan 18th, at 3pm in the Sankey Room (South Hall 2623).
In this ongoing Dialectic Plus series we will discuss:
1) “A Dialectic Approach to Film Form” by Sergei Eisenstein linked here.

2) Ch. 1 “Separation Perfected” from Guy Debord’s Society of the Spectacle linked here.

3) “The Culture Industry” by Adorno & Horkheimer linked here.
Come Friday, 3pm for food and good discussion – all are welcome!